My parents wont let me wear shirts that i like?

popular Store named spencers it has alot of funny shirts. I bought: a shirt that said: If one more person ses yolo ill f*** them up. as a joke to my friend because he always ses swag or yolo. I went home and i was putting it away and my mom was freaking out. I told her its suppose to be funny. And She ses its sick and not funny at all. Then she gets my dad and he got even more pissed. So i said id return the shirt and get another one. I wanted to get a shirt with tupac and biggie smalls on it . but now there complaining because Tupac has his middle finger up. Truthfully i don't think its that bad. i was born ive been listening to them and i love there music. And my parents think that im trying to get attention wearing it or trying to be more popular, But i think Tupac and Biggie are inspirational from what they accomplished. Can you guys help me on this

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  • 8 years ago
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    Just don't get shirts with swearing on them

  • 4 years ago

    it relies upon on how previous you're,, however the 1st answer looks genuine to me possibly she feels you're no longer mature adequate to positioned on that. and/or she doesnt prefer you to look a definite way (have been human beings will percieve you as a ****) yet on your information. and that i comprehend alot of females purely prefer interest. You dont ought to positioned on a revealing shirt to get interest, in case you're eye-catching you would be observed regardless.

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