Do you like the judges on this season of X Factor 2013?

I personally don't.

I mean I don't even even watch the show that much, cause I prefer the voice. But when I do watch X factor demi lovato is always being such a rude brat to simon, and it's just annoying. It's not even that funny. Now that they have revealed the judges for this season, which are Paulina Rubio ( I don't even know who the **** she is) kelly Rowland (she's ok I guess) demi lovato (she's a great singer I just hate her on xfactor cause she's annoying) and simon cowell of course, I'm really surprised and not happy. I wasn't expecting anyone really big though to come on like Katy perry, but still! I also heard that Simon first tried to get randy and paula to come judge on X factor this season and they agreed but fox cancelled out the idea. I personally think that would be a great idea! And I wouldn't miss a second of it! Anyways what do you guys think about all this?:)

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  • 7 years ago
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    I like Kelly And Demi. I'll see how Paulina Rubio does to judge her. Demi I thought did pretty well last season, hopefully she's a better mentor this time around. Kelly did well on the UK version.

    But i would of rather had the other rumored judes like Hilary Duff or Cheryl Cole or Neyo they were rumored.

    The big name Celebrities aren't necessarily the best judges.Nicki, and Mariah for example weren't good judges on American idol.I think Simon is trying to go for the latin viewers like they did with Shakira with the voice.

    I did hear yes Simon was trying to get Paula back and have Randy join.But Fox wouldn't let him since I guess it would just be too similar to American Idol(the earlier years) with Demi added.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes, I like the panel. Demi is a fun girl who will make the show interesting. To be honest, her and Simon made the show last season. Love her sarcastic remarks. Kelly is also a funny girl who craps on Simon. Simon of course is great, I don't care for that other girl though.

  • 7 years ago

    I miss Paula on the show and I actually liked Nicole also, but I do not like the new Judges now except MAYBE Kelly Rowland. I don't personally like Demi on the show! Her and Brittany both irritated me the whole time! I was really hoping they were gonna let Demi go also and get better Judges.. Curious how this time goes!

  • 7 years ago

    I had high hopes for Demi last year same with mariah Carey but they're both pretty stupid! I didn't like kelly on the uk version so probably be the same this time, that other woman whats her name? I don't know her so I'm not gonna judge, I like simon, rude yes but tells it how it is which I like and knows what he's talking about let's be honest!

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  • 7 years ago

    Lol I agree. Who the F*** is paulina rubio? and kelly rowland just wants to get on tv because she's a nobody from destiny's child and is jealous of Beyonce. Demi is terrible live (which means she is not a good person to be judging contestants who are singing live).

    The Voice the the bomb. Best show ever. Great coaches (even though i HATE usher, he's leaving next year though) great talent great show

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