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What Does This Quote Mean? Leonardo da Vinci?

"Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world."

-Leonardo da Vinci

Can someone explain what this quote means? Thanks.

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  • pat z
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    Leonardo apparently held art in the highest esteem. And, from his magnificently illustrated notebooks, experiments and inventions, he also thought that it was connected to science.

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  • ?
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    He's trying to show how important an artistic mind is in society and that it should be one of the greatest values we can hold. Also, today, we consider art to be just the typical 'painter'/musician etc., but from the roots of humanity, Art is described "such as the embellishment of tools, body ornamentation, or gathering of unusual, arguably aesthetic, objects".

    Check out this site, it gives a much more detailed explanation. I'd rather give you the link rather than just copy and paste everything it says:


    Hope I Helped.

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