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Room without a window, paint + lighting question?

I am being forced to move my room into the basement of my house. My room does not have a window in it at all. Not even a small one. I wanted to paint my walls a dark colour like burgundy and maybe a gray accent wall but would that just make it look smaller and give me horrible lighting all the time? I don't really like bright colours for walls! HELP please!

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    you can have a combination of royal blue and white. it will be dark also and you can get lightning with the help of white... hope u will like this answer... :D

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    Because there is not external light available to the space, an increase in the room lighting will be required. The colors presented in your question would darken the space, and absorb the electrical lighting being used. Choose a high gloss paint for walls, ceiling and trim.

    Instead consider going with a mainstream red, and using a ice grey for accent panels behind the areas with electric lamps and for the overall ceiling. This will reflect the limited available light and make the room seem comfortable and cozy instead of tight and choking. One or more mirrors could be placed to also enhance the light playing around the area, but suggest caution not to overload the space with exact reflective surfaces.

    The links are for Benjamin Moore paint colors, but other brands will be able to match these colors.

    Evening Dove (2128-30) - this is a true navy blue - LINK 1

    Seapearl (OC-19) (961) - beige tone grey - LINK 4

    Iceberg (2122-50) - blue tone grey - LINK 5

    Winter White (2124070) - grey - LINK 6

    Red (2000-10) - LINK 2

    Winter White (2124070) - grey - LINK 6

    Ice Mist (2123-70) - pale white grey - LINK 7

    Wedding Veil (2125-70) - grey with slight ghost tone - LINK 8

    Tricycle Red (2000-20) - LINK 3

    Ice Mist (2123-70) - pale white grey - LINK 7

    Wedding Veil (2125-70) - grey with slight ghost tone - LINK 8

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    Paint the room any colour you like, any colour. the biggest to making a windowless room look brighter isn't easily what colour you paint it, yet what you put in the room after that is painted. you will could desire to concentration on lights. a lot of lights in somewhat some wattages will liven up the room devoid of feeling like that is spot lighted. additionally, use products that mirror gentle consisting of chrome or brass, lucite and or glass and modern gadgets. And, of course some properly placed mirrors continuously upload measurement to a room as long as they mirror some thing exciting. a tumbler coffee table continuously supplies the phantasm of greater room. Use few, yet considerable products of fixtures and be sure each and every thing has a multi use. An ottoman could be storage and one greater seat and with a tray on ideal, an end table. Use a textile cabinet for a television stand so it could shop DVDs, magazines and what have you ever. do no longer use e book instances, rather use shelving on the partitions for storage to maintain the floor area sparkling. returned to the paint -- %. some thing which you like, besides the fact that if or no longer that is a poster, paintings, fabrics, a pillow or a rug. pick a colour from an merchandise and choose for it. And, undergo in ideas, the lights interior the room is a key ingredient interior the effect of ways the room feels, in spite of the paint colour chosen. stable good fortune

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