If I'm accepted into Yg Entertainment will I be in songs with other artists like TOP or GDbe?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hey Erica! Haha.... I've been looking through all of your questions on YG, and... I hate to say this but you kinda seem like you only want to be in YG for Bigbang. And there is NOTHING wrong with that!!

    In fact, I'm also a HUGE fan of the YG Family and I love each and every single artist. Who wouldn't want to meet GD&TOP? ;)

    I was also doing some pretty deep thinking about whether to even audition or not, but like what I kinda see you doing right now, I was stuck at this part too.

    I would NEVER EVER discourage you on purpose, but just remember that becoming a singer is a HELL of a lot of work. First, most people come with natural talent, then they have to survive the grueling trainee years and possibly not even debut! :( Having a goal to become a singer is an awesome dream, but if your love for music and will is not strong enough, you will not survive in the Entertainment Business.

    I dream about things like meeting Bigbang and working on a song with them too! But from what it sounds like, (not just on TV, because TV is always different!) YG artists sound SUPER busy. What's scary is that we don't even know if everyone is as nice as they are on TV.

    So reflect, and remind yourself. Do you want to become a singer, project your owb individual music out there, or JUST meet your favorite artists and try to make tons of money?

    Source(s): Sorry if I offended you... :(
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