Dating a women with a kid? What comes with dating a women with a kid?

I was asked out by a girl i knew from high school today and the thing is we were good friends in high school and she like said she had a crush on me and she always wanted me to ask her out, but i wasn't into her like that. Long story short she moved to NM after graduation came back a couple months ago with a 2 yr old... But now i'm interested in her, you know, she's a good woman and i'm 21(gonna be 22 in a few weeks) and i don't care what y'all say (I'm too young) if i start a relationship and it turns serious then i'm in for the long hall.

I would appreciate some feedback... I never been in a relationship w/ a mother.

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  • 8 years ago
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    First do you like children? Or do you find them annoying? Dating a woman with a child is a whole different ball of wax. She is or should be, looking at you as a potential father figure for the child and as a mate for herself. Just remember you are going to have to share her love and attention with the child.

  • 8 years ago

    The kid will always take precedence over you, always.

    Plus at some point she will want you to be a surrogate dad to her kid. And even if you guys separate, she will try to stick you with helping her raise the kid until she meets another guy.

    Worst case she dumps her child on you and leaves you, and your single dad with a kid that's not yours for 16 more years...

    Source(s): It's a noble thing to raise a child that's not yours, but know what your getting in to
  • if you like her that shouldn't matter just see how things go..but like Nike and just do it..n if u like someone the other stuff shouldnt matter..gud luck

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