Why doesn't my crush talk to girls much?

My crush and I sit beside each other in one class and we hardly talk to each other. I always try talking to him, but it's hard to make a conversion with him! I can easily talk to some guys I sit beside in my other classes! Now that I notice he doesn't talk to girls much. He never talked to any of the girls he sat beside in one class. We had a new seating plan each month. The girls tried to talk to him, but he didn't seem interested to talk to them and ended the conversions quickly. The girls got the hint that he didn't want to talk to them. I got to sit beside him in the one class for a month and he talked to me more than he usually does for the other girls he used to sit with. (Good sign?) It was kind of awkward how we sat beside each other in two classes for a month. Now we talk more in class and it's getting easier to talk to him. When we first sat beside each other I think he gave me a hint that he didn't want to talk to me, but I ignored him and kept trying to talk to him.

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    He sounds like he's shy and doesn't have much experience with girls. Oh, and your story with him is so cute, it's nice that you didn't back away from him when he gave you a hint. Sometimes people who are shy and not very social will do anything they can to push people away, in your case he doesn't talk much and give hints that he doesn't want to talk.Keep talking to him and develop a friendship with him little by little and maybe one day you will learn more about him or maybe your crush will start liking you too, if he hasn't already (have you ever thought about that?) I mean you're the only girl who ignored his hints and kept talking to him, so now he responds back to you,it's a very good sign like you said.Good luck!

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    Hi Btre3Lover:

    Before I get into yr question I just want to say "Right on!" about yr response to Pokemon's question re the Bieb.

    Poor Bieb. One night he was the laughing stock of the David Letterman show. Letterman had referred to the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. Bieb said he'd never been to the "Sixteenth" chapel. That brought the house down. An unsmiling Bieber hadn't a clue why they were laughing at him.

    Okay, as u said, one can only take so much...

    It IS a very good sign that yr crush talks more to u than other girls. A VERY good sign because it means he trusts u. Trust is everything in a friendship.

    Why doesn't he talk to girls much? I'm going to assume he's a young teen. In the mid-teen years girls surge ahead of boys, maturing faster physically and intellectually.

    If a boy hasn't developed a stable, trusting relationship w/a girl going in to the mid-teens he's probably going to feel somewhat intimidated by these flocks of sophisticated--at least more than him--girls.

    You wouldn't think so, but the teen male ego is notoriously fragile. They are terrified of being rejected by a girl. In addition to the sting of female rejection, he loses face w/his friends.

    But it doesn't sound like yr crush has made ANY advances to girls, right? And u give no evidence that he's into guys.

    So, you didn't ask for advice on bringing yr crush along, but it's simple,. You said it:

    "Now we talk more in class and it's getting easier to talk to him. When we first sat beside each other I think he gave me a hint that he didn't want to talk to me, but I ignored him and kept trying to talk to him."

    That's right BTRE3Lover! Ignore his tendency to stay in his shell. Show him how much fun it is to have a friend who is a girl. And the key to it all is TRUST. Let yr love for him drive u to help him out of his asocial situation. You're on HIS side.

    This probably sounds wild, Is it possible to stay in contact over the summer? Because away from all the stress and pressures of school u can deepen yr friendship. In time he'll come to tipping pt when he sees that yr truly committed to be his friend.

    How rewarding that will be for u! You will probably be the first first girl he...kisses.

    Well, I hope this ramble has helped u some.

    Best to u, BTRELover!



    Source(s): * I've been lucky to have girls pull me out of MY safe, boring shell.
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    Sounds... Familier

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