United nations help/ opinions EGYPT?

My school is doing a project/ day where we have to represent a country and debate the United Nations resolution for peacekeeping. I am the delegate representing egypt this is the resolution we have to debate:



May 31, 2013

Be it resolved that the United Nations establish a standing peacemaking force for peace operations and conflict resolution and to ultimately prevent genocides. Each member nation of the General Assembly must commit a set number of troops to the standing force, relative to their GDP. Developed Nations will commit 6% of their GDP; Developing Nations will commit 4% pf their GDP; and Underdeveloped Nations will commit 2% of their GDP.

*The standing peacekeeping force would be ready to deploy from their country at any moment the Security Council deems it necessary."

I need to ask 5 questions to other countries about the resolution. please come up with these questions. The reason i am so stuck with this project is because i have no knowledge on egypts history with other countries , and the internet doesnt seem to have much. if you could provide a source or refrences it would be awesome!

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    Ask them if Dolphins eat Pop Tarts

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