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Asus vs Dell Laptop for CS6?


I am going to be buying a laptop with in the next week or two and I was hoping I could get advice on the below to laptops. I plan on using the laptop to edit photos and video from a dslr. The programs I use in CS6 are Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier Pro and sometimes After Effects. I’m on the road for work so I want something that can come with me and I am on a budget.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about these specific computers? What advantages does one computer have over the other? Which computer would you go with? Is the Dell worth the extra money?

Thanks to anyone that can offer their input.

Asus N56VJ-DH71 - $1115




· 16 GB (2 X 8GB) DDR3 1600MHZ

· 250 GB Samsung SSD

· Windows 8

· 6 Cell lithium ion battery

· 1 year manufactures warranty

Dell Precision M4700 - $1270

· 15.6 inch FHD (1920x1080) Wide View Anti-Glare LED with Premium Panel

· Intel Core 3rd Gen i7-3740QM Processor 2.7GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Mode, 6M cache)

· NVIDIA Quadro K2000M with 2GB GDDR3

· 16 GB DDR3 1600MHz SDRAM (4 DIMMs)

· 320 GB SATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM)

· Windows 7 Professional x64

· 9 Cell primary battery

· 3 year warranty

2 Answers

  • Adam
    Lv 5
    8 years ago
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    The Dell is more powerful, and I'd hope you would upgrade it with an SSD as that is such a massive difference in your computing experience, especially as you can set aside a portion to use as scratch for your data. Check for refurbished models and you might snag an upgraded, but returned, one for the same sort of price.

    If you are earning from this then I'd get it just for the next day support; Dell's business/professional support is a lot better than their consumer support. They will make a great effort to get someone out to you the next day, the only problem is when you are in a low populated location they hire a local tech who may not really care or be that great. There isn't a whole lot of difference in support at this level from Dell, HP and Lenovo. ASUS are pretty terrible for support, like Sony and Acer they just don't seem to care the same way, like it just isn't important to them where the others it is so important to maintain enterprise acceptance they do go the extra mile. You aren't going to get an ASUS tech come out to your house or place of work. They do have some repair centers in the US, but you are most likely going to have to send it back to them and wait.

    The other issue is that the GeForce graphics processor in the ASUS is not supported by Adobe. Now you can get around this for CS6 by tweaking some configuration files, but Photoshop, Premiere Pro and AE do all utilize it and the K2000 is faster anyway. Adobe CC (the new Creative Cloud edition) is supposed to let any suitable card work without modifying files, but you probably won't get support from Adobe when things don't work right. You only have to look at their forums to see "request that feature/support" when getting issues with non-supported cards rather than actual answers for supported cards.

    So, yeah, for me it would be the Dell through and through. Yes the ASUS looks nicer, but you are using this for some heavy applications and if you are earning from it then without a doubt it is worth the extra money, even with an SSD upgrade (from Dell, or replacing it yourself).

  • TWB
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    ASUS hands down, far better build quality and customer service If you want Windows 7, you can upgrade to Windows 8 pro then ask M$ for downgrade rights to 7.

    Dell once made a good system and fell from grace. They are now struggling to regain their place in the market. Customer service is one of many problems with this company.

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