Names you love but...?

What are some names, both for boys & girls, that you love but you dont like the common nickname, and vice versa: some common nicknames you like but not the full name that it belongs to?

Some of mine:

Like- Dislike

Full names

Alexandra- Alex & Lexi.

Isabella- Izzy. I do like Issa though.

Christine- Christy.

Victoria- Vicky & Tori.

Adeline & Adelaide- Addy.

Dorothy- Dottie

Harriet- Hattie.

Anneliese- Anna. Anne, Annie & Lissy are cute though.

Kimberlee- Kim.

Emmeline- Emma but I love Emmy

Cecilia- Cece & Lia

Katherine- Katie

Elizabeth- Eliza & Beth. I like Lizzie though

Eleanor- Nora


Brooke- Brooklyn

Lola- Dolores

Tina- Christina


Daniel- Dan or Danny.

Thomas- Tom or Tommy.

Jaxson- Jack

Harrison- Harry

Jameson- Jamie

Drew- Andrew

Liam- William

Charlie- Charles

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    I like Andrew and Andy, but not Drew.

    I like Daniel & Danny/Danni but not Dan.

    I like Tommy but not Tom, on the edge with Thomas.

    I like Alexandria but not Alexandra or Xandra. I like Alex and Alexia.

    I don't like Victoria but I like Tori.

    I love Elizabeth, Eliza, Liza, and Lizzy, but not Beth.

    I love William & Will, but not Willie or Liam.

    I like Rashelle & Shelley but not Shell. I don't like Michelle, either.

    I love Lauren but don't like Ren.

    I love Christina but don't like Tina.


  • 8 years ago

    Alexandra- Alex & Lexi. = Like

    Isabella- Izzy. I do like Issa though. = Like

    Christine- Christy. = Like

    Victoria- Vicky & Tori. = Like

    Adeline & Adelaide- Addy. = Dislike

    Dorothy- Dottie = Dislike

    Harriet- Hattie. = Dislike

    Anneliese- Anna. Anne, Annie & Lissy are cute though. = Like

    Kimberlee- Kim. = Yes but should be spelled Kimberly

    Emmeline- Emma but I love Emmy = Dislike

    Cecilia- Cece & Lia = Dislike

    Katherine- Katie = Dislike

    Elizabeth- Eliza & Beth. I like Lizzie though = Dislike

    Eleanor- Nora = Dislike


    Brooke- Brooklyn = Love lol

    Lola- Dolores = Dislike

    Tina- Christina = Dislike


    Daniel- Dan or Danny. = Like

    Thomas- Tom or Tommy. = Like

    Jaxson- Jack = Like but should be spelled Jackson

    Harrison- Harry = Like

    Jameson- Jamie = Dislike

    Drew- Andrew = Like

    Liam- William = Dislike

    Charlie- Charles = Like

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    8 years ago

    Like- Dislike

    Natalie- Nattie

    Brianna- Bree

    Catherine- Cathy, I do like Cat though

    Lexi- Alexis I have a cousin that is just Lexi

    Lulu/ Lucy- Lucille

    Ellie- Elizabeth

    Abigail- Abby

    Aubree- Bree

    Charlie- Charlotte

    Drew- Andrew

    Tom- Thomas

    Jax- Jackson

    Will- William

    Trent- Trenton

    John- Johnathon

    Greg- Gregory

    Danny- Daniel

    Personally I love Kim for Kimberley- That's my name and I prefer to be Kim over Kimberley because it just sounds more grown up

  • 8 years ago

    Well, I like the boy's name Sam but I'm not sure how I feel about Samuel.

    For girls I love the name Mattie (and it is also the name of one of my favorite book characters) but I'm not 100% sold on the name Mathilda. It's okay, but only okay.

    I also love the name Frances - it was my grandmother's first name (though she went by her middle name) and is my middle name. However, I can't think of a single nickname for it that I like.

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