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How did Canada achieve its sovereignty?

need ideas for my essay..thanks!


also is sovereignty the same as independence..?

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    Canada gradually achieved an increasing level of self-government from Great Britain as time moved along, until it became a fully independent nation sharing only a monarch with Great Britain, as it still does today. The process began with the British North America Act of 1867 and ended with the Statute of Westminster in 1931, when Canada became fully sovereign. In 1982, Canada adopted its own written Constitution, different from that which governs Great Britain.

    Queen Elizabeth II remains Queen of Canada, but her titles in all of the Commonwealth Realms are held in "personal union", meaning there are no ties between them other than they're all part of the Commonwealth of Nations, and the shared monarch. In no way are they still part of Great Britain.

    ***In answer to your second question, if a nation possesses full sovereignty, that means it is an independent nation. It's possible for a country to have only partial sovereignty, and still be under the control of another country for some internal and external affairs. Prior to 1931, Canada was a Dominion, meaning it was almost completely self-governing, but most of its external affairs with other nations were handled through Great Britain. A consequence of this is that Canada automatically went to war in 1914 when Great Britain did, but in 1939, a fully independent Canada was free to decide for itself, and voluntarily went to war in support of Britain.

    Countries in Canada's position prior to 1931 are usually referred to as "autonomous," a term implying a self-governing territory still under the oversight of another country. A modern country holding such a status is Greenland, which governs itself and even has its own flag, but is dependent on Denmark for defense and foreign affairs.

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