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I need help - Post graduate work permit 8 MONTHS?

Hi people,

I am an international student in Ottawa, I'm studying a one year program (8 months).

I will graduate by August this year, and then I will get an 8 MONTHS post graduate work permit (the same lenght of my studies).

The problem is : to apply under CEC, I need minimum 12 months of full time work. But I can't because my work permit will be only open for 8 months. Plus, I will need time to apply and wait for that post graduate work permit, plus I will need time to get a job !.

So 8 months won't be enough, if you tell me I can apply for LMO to extend my post graduate work permit, then it's not garantee that my employer would do it for me neither government would accept it, and moreover, the process for resident permanent takes 13 months, which means my status would expire by that time.. I can graduate and get a pgwp for 8 months, but I can't complete my 12 months full time work to apply under CEC. Please tell me what to do cause I'm tired and stressed.


@ Lindas : why I cannot apply under CEC ?!

CEC requires 12 months of full time work, If I get LMO I can extend my 8 months work permit and keep working until I finish the total of 12 months, then apply under CEC.

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    You appear to have a problem if your goal is to apply under CEC.

    The only thing you might be able to do if you obtain employment and the work permit you apply for is coming to an end is to apply to have it extended if your employer is willing to hire you and obtain the LMO required. This might allow you to apply under a program other than CEC if you have a genuine job offer.

    If you do not meet any of these requirements then you are likely going to be ineligible to apply for a program in Canada that leads to permanent residence and would be required to depart Canada at the end of your period of study, visitor status ends or work permit ends.

    If you did work at all in Canada through the post graduate permit you might qualify to apply from your home country under another program in the future.

    **My point exactly. As it stands with an 8 month permit you appear to have a problem to meet eligibility for CEC. However, in my next paragraphs I suggested the same possibility you note as a remedy to the problem. If you were able to obtain employment; have the permit extended and otherwise meet all requirements then you might indeed be able to apply under CEC.

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    Hi, I'd like to know your current status now because most likely I will encounter same condition as you (will be enroll to 8 months program either in Humber or Seneca).

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