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Problem with National Occupational Classification (NOC)?

Hi people,

This question is the most important in my life,

I will graduate by august after one year program Ofiice Administration General , I'll get a certificate then apply for post graduate work permit. Then I want to work in a job that I want like Cashier in Shoppers or Walmart (meanwhile I pass my driving license for bus and try to get a work with oc transpo)

The problem is : Immigration under CEC requires 12 months full time UNDER NOC type 0, A, or B.

but I can't get a job under these types . I know that cause they ask for managers and experienced people...

- Also , if I apply under provincial nominee class, I will be required to work minimum 24 months under NOC 0,A, or B . Which I can't , because my work permot would be expired by the second year and I don't want/ won't get a job under NOC 0, A, or B.

Any brilliant idea to solve this crazy situation ?


Cashier , bus driver, = are under NOC type C or D .

So even if I work 12 months as cashier , CIC won't allow me to immigrate right ?

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    You are very likely correct that you would not meet criteria to be successful if you applied under CEC.

    However, you might have the opportunity for a provincial nomination if for instance you were hired in Alberta in a semi-skilled job. These include such types as Food and beverage processing; Hotel and Lodgin; some manufacturing occupations; Long-haul and heave haul truck driver, Foodservices.

    You have to be currently working in Alberta to be eligible for this program, but it may give you what you need to then apply for PR if you will live in that province permanently. If your work permit is going to expire you may be able to apply for a bridging permit or an extension.

    Other PNP in other provinces may have similar needs for low-skilled, but you will likely have to leave and give up the idea of OC Transpo. Perhaps bus driving in another province in the future.

    Other than that you are pretty much out of luck.

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