Does ACh (Nicotinic Receptors) activate a second messenger system inside the cell?

what are the target cells it acts on?

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  • Roland
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    7 years ago
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    Acetylcholiine is a neurotransmitter,

    and neurotransmitters do not activate 2nd messengers inside a cell.

    Neurotransmitters open ion channels (Na+ channels, for example).

    Many hormones, reaching a cell from the bloodstream, activate 2nd messengers,

    but not neurotransmitters.

    Also, it's not strictly accurate to refer to neurotransmitters as having "target cells".

    The cells that a neurotransmitter interacts with are right on the other side of a synapse,

    so if one knows where the synapse is, then there is no question about which cell the

    transmitter will interact with.

    Hormones have target cells - being in the blood, they come in contact with

    all the other cells in the body, but only interact with specific ones - their target cells!

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    • many function of nervous sytems require prolonge changes in the neuron and ion channels are not suitable for prolonge changes, for this purpose there are some receptors in nervous sytem that activate second messenger when they are stimulated by neurotransmitters..

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  • 5 years ago

    No Dear Nicotinic receptors doesnt activate the second messenger, beacuse the nicotince receptors are ligand gated ion channels, the receptors for nicotine are present on specific area in the body, NM Junction, Autonomic ganglia, Adrenal medulla..

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