Hardships that stagnates an individual in university?

What kind of services are available in most universities (Canadian) for people who has been through personal hardships that stagnated them in school performance? I know of Honorable Withdrawal etc. but is there anything where credits are not affected? It seems inadequate that someone would get their mark on the transcript withdrawn but their credit taken away too. I have never failed any classes but have been through some hardships that I can prove through documents etc. and I want to apply to professional schools and if the marks could be taken away and credits still count would really help my GPA.

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    I don't know about Canadian Universities, but I just graduated from an Online university in the United States. During my attendance, I had the option of taking a Leave Of Absence, or LOA, for personal hardship. I never did use it, though a few times my instructors and academic counselor asked me if I wished to. If I had taken an LOA, I would have been permitted to continue my studies right when I left off.

    Good luck!

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