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my dog has only been feeding her almost four week old puppies at night,should I introduce them to dog food?

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    Yes. Do you know how? Weaning Puppies

    From birth to age four weeks the whelps should be getting all their nutrition from mother. From age four weeks to age eight weeks, the puppies are slowly transitioned onto solid food with a mixture of solid food and warm puppy formula. Puppies are fed four times per day from age four weeks until age ten to twelve weeks. The “flying saucers” help keep the puppies from walking in their dinner, but any flat, low-sided pan may be used, such as a baking tray. Keep mom away from the food until the puppies are playing more than eating and then let her in to clean the dish and the pups.

    If feeding a raw diet, the food will need to be ground for them before being mixed with puppy formula. The fineness of the grind can be reduced each week as their jaws gain strength. They will need thicker bones chopped for them up to age four months.

    If feeding a commercial diet, then either soak the kibble or use a food processor to mix the kibble and puppy formula.

    Week Four - a thick slurry, also known as “puppy smoothies”

    Week Five - like cooked oatmeal, with little soft lumps

    Week Six - has chunks in the “oatmeal”, dinner takes a few minutes longer because it now needs to be chewed instead of slurped

    Week Seven - mostly solid pieces, just slightly softened, can sprinkle powdered formula over solid food and add warm water before serving

    Week Eight - solid food with warm water added just before serving, the formula can be deleted

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    Puppy Mush, take high protein premium puppy kibble (not pedigree or iams or that crap, use Blue Buffalo, Bil-Jac, Natures Recipe or something similar) and mix it with puppy milk replacer. Let it soak and then mush it together. Start out with a more runny formula and gradually increase the thickness as they get older, once its mushed add milk until you get the right consistency. This is what we used, the father dog was much larger than mom dog so she ran out of resources quick so we had to make puppy mush.

    You can use Pedigree if needed but the cheaper the dog food the more wheat, soy, and corn are present and less meat. Pedigree actually has no meat in it just "bi-product" and chicken bi-product is defined as beaks, feet, and feathers. So the higher quality the food the better especially for puppies. Find one of the foods above and compare the ingredients to Pedigree or Iams. You'll never feed Pedigree again.

    Corn, wheat, and soy are not digested but expelled as waste so the bulk of the lower grade kibble ends up in your backyard where as with the other kibble your dog will use the bathroom less because he'll absorb more and there is less to have to eliminate. Since they absorb more you need to feed less so it actually evens out price-wise.

    Back to the mush, however you make it I would clean the bowls immediately after they eat the food. Eventually the mush will become pasty and difficult to remove from the bowl, the lower grade the kibble the more likely it gets pasty.

    Hope that helped.

    Source(s): Pet Store Employee and Experience
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    The milk will, as dogs are lactose intolerant, and so will the adult dog food. Try another brand if she is being a picky eater. Puppy food is higher in fat and calories which a growing puppy needs. Afterall, puppy food is there for a reason, or you can go with an all life stages food. Dogs should generally be switched to adult food at only one year of age. What food are you feeding her though? A bad quality kibble will cause more harm than you feeding her milk OR adult food..

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    Yes it is time. Start with a good quality puppy food and moisten it with water. NO MILK puppies cannot digest cows milk. Feed them 4 times a day small meals. Depending on the size of the litter you might have to use two pans for the food. Use shallow pans like cake pans they work well. Keep mom away while you are feeding. Increase the portions as they grow.

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    Yes, start by feeding them "puppy milk" which you can buy from your local shop.

    Then slowly start bring in can puppy food, but only small amounts at a time.

    Once there used to can food, bring in the puppy dry food.

    When their used to the dry food, you may mix the can and dry food together. My dogs puppies enjoyed this.

    Hope I helped :)

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    Puppies are still weening at 4 weeks old. Solid food can be introduced at 4 weeks, but they still need to ween and be with the litter mates and mother at all times until they are at least 8 weeks old. They need the socialization from their litter mates and mother. Also, SHAME ON YOU for breeding your dog. Are you aware of how many dogs you are MURDERING by allowing this? Volunteer at a shelter like I do, then you can talk. I can guarantee after you see what I see what you will never breed again. If you do, you are a heartless fool.

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    yes, a small amount of soft puppy food (buy it in any good pet shop). you can put it on one big dish and just bring the puppies to the dish. some of them will need a little help, so dip your finger into the dish and wipe it around the mouth of the puppies that don't know what to do.

    you're a good dog owner to have noticed that, but please get your dog spayed now; there are millions of lovely dogs being euthanized every day.

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    By four weeks most pups should be well on their way to being on their own. Aren't you weaning them?

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    Go to a vet

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