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Infection or possible pregnancy?

A little over a week ago, my boyfriend and I had intercourse, we decided to have it unprotected. He informed me he might've pulled out too late. How ironic.

Over the past two days I've been having severe bloating issues, I'm very tired all the time and I have motion sickness and gag.

I've had an increase of discharge. It doesn't have a foul odor or itch and it's clear. A few days ago it was white, again no odor or itch. Today I noticed my **** seemed raw, it's like a pinching pain and it burns to pee. I'd assume this was an infection.

When I went to the bathroom just recently, I noticed light pink spotting on my undergarments and when I wiped, there was slight discharge of the same color.

Any thoughts?

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    Can be traumatic in origin, best is to wait 2 weeks and if all is well nothing to worry , meanwhile drink lot of water. You consult a doctor if necessary.

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