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Which Version of the Taboo Board Game is the Best?

I'm thinking about buying the Taboo board game, but am unsure about which version to buy.

I heard both the 10th Anniversary version (with the purple/white box) or the most recent 2010 version (with the all white box) were both good. But would anyone know which version is better?

Ideally, I would like more cards, but dislike too many celebrity/famous people cards as my friends aren't very familiar with celebrities/actors/people very much. Also, ease of use should be easy and simple is important too.

Also, would anyone know where to buy extra Taboo cards with new words please?

Thank you.

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    All Taboo games come with identical rules so the best one would be the cheapest one. Milton Bradley released one set of Taboo expansion cards. This is long out of print and available only second hand.

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    Taboo Game Versions

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