What countries are involved in the Israel-Palestinian conflict?

what countries are involved (other than Israel and Palestinian)?

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    7 years ago
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    Various different ones.

    The USA is one that is very influential and holds the attention of both sides, which is somewhat rare.

    The UK, France, and Germany also seem to have influence, and often send people to assist in talks or to try to help resolve the conflict.

    Egypt and Turkey have also tried to make themselves a big part, having a unique position of being Muslim majority yet having relations with Israel. It's changed somewhat, given recent hostilities that have come with recent Turkish governmental attitudes and the Egyptian regime change; still, nonetheless, the two are more involved than most nations. You can argue the same with Jordan; still, the Jordanians aren't as involved as the other two.

    On a more negative note, the Syrians and the Lebanese by way of Hezbollah aggravate the situation and the latter has been found to actively plan attacks on the nation and her civilians both locally and abroad. Keep in mind many label it the Israeli-ARAB conflict for a reason, too.

    Iran, as well, throws itself into the issue a lot; however, for negative reasons as well, and often makes things worse and doesn't assist the Palestinians much if at all. They are accused more of helping the "freedom fighters" that are normally labelled terrorists elsewhere.

    @ chunky - actually, most don't have any European connections. Ignoring that section of Israelis that are Arab, there exists a LOT of Mizrahi Jews in Israel, enough to basically counterbalance the Ashkenazi whose ancestors resided in Europe. The Mizrahi Jews were those that lived in the Islamic world, particularly the Arab part. Nowadays you can't easily find "Arab Jews" like you used to, since more than 95% fled the Middle East, excluding Israel. It says something when they accomplished more than the Nazis did in regards of Jewish depopulation, and you should really look up the Jewish refugees in this conflict. In addition, I should say that a lot of those who lost families in the Holocaust returned to European nations only to find that, still, they weren't welcomed, and honestly only had remaining family already residing in what is today Israel.

    @ Number Six - Right.... if they honestly wanted Israel to go away, all other nations on this planet, then there wouldn't be a think that the US could do to stop it. Given the amount of trade and relations that Israel has, you'd be surprised by the amount of people that, perhaps not as vocal as the anti-Israel crowd, still want Israel to thrive.

  • 7 years ago

    Israel is protected by the USA. All other nations would like to see Israel go away. Because of USA bullying and interference Israel is allowed to exist. Think North Korea, China. China has N. Korea as a belligerent, warlike dependant, we have evil little Israel. No nations on the planet wants Israel to exist, only the USA keeps her there.

  • Gent
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    7 years ago

    Israel V islam.

    You can name the Countries,they're the ones doing all the murdering and oppressing of their own,and other,people.

    Palestine however,isn't a Country,just a proxy for the Islamic fascists.

  • Israel is backed by USA financially and physically they like to play the martyr in the hole mess pretending to defend when they more often than not have been the aggressors .

    Ask yourself when was the last time israel was attacked by helicopters,planes army's and tanks ?


    Source(s): Why don't they want to live in poland or hungary,when most of them had roots there ?wouldn't it be easier for them ?
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  • 7 years ago

    Agree with "Number Six" Finally US Civilian with an different opinion ( not because i agree with him but just because he is different

    @Gent : Palestine will stay Arabic country , whatever Israel accept or not !!! ( your hate will destroy you )

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