Is $70,000 a comfortable salary in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada?

So I plan on becoming a Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) when I grow, they typically work for 'ornge'.

Now, before you become a CCP you have to become a "normal" paramedic or 'PCP' then eventually after several years of eperience you take an exam/another course to become a Advanced Care Paramedic or 'ACP'.

I was just wondering if the salary is comfortable, and by comfortable I mean:

- not having any stress with bills

- going out every once while

- having a nice place to live and a nice car

(I'm not looking for a Ferrari or a mansion, just something simple)

The wages are:

PCP: 70k-80k

ACP: 80k-100k

CCP: 100k-120k

I'm just wondering if those wages are suitable for a comfortable life.

Thanks for your time!

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    7 years ago
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    Everyone's definition of "comfortable" is different. But you should know that Paramedic salaries in Ontario are the highest in Canada, so in that regard it is the most "comfortable" place to make a living as a paramedic in Canada (also means Ontario has the fiercest job market for paramedics too).

    Source(s): PCP in BC
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  • 4 years ago

    a reliable place to look are the highschool scores for Ontario and notice how Ottawa faculties do. in terms of what's supplied, Ashbury college (inner maximum) and Lisgar (public) furnish international Baccalaureate classes (IB) that could generally pass pupils forward a three hundred and sixty 5 days at college and furnish very reliable more desirable placement. Lisgar is a confusing college to get into in case you do no longer stay in the Lowertown/Downtown area, even nevertheless. Canterbury HS is an arts college that, jointly as does have reliable networks and proper coaching, is a waste of commuting time and slightly overvalued in case you at the instant are not passionate in regards to the humanities (drama/song/writing/and so on). John McCrae HS in Barrhaven has a reliable call so a protracted way as public faculties pass, as does Earl of March in Kanata or perhaps West Carleton, in the a protracted way west end in direction of Carp and Dunrobin. in terms of Catholic faculties, Immaculata is a reliable college and has a extra conservative tone, yet by using its city placing, it could have a reliable vibe. a number of the Catholic faculties in the west end additionally are reliable: All Saints and Sacred coronary heart to call 2. finally, the French faculties in Ottawa are reliable in case you desire to %. up a 2d language without delay, even nevertheless could be in basic terms a touch a project in case you at the instant are not accustomed to French. De l. a. Salle has a great activities application. Ecole secondaire catholique Garneau (Catholic college) in Orleans additionally has a great call among the French-language faculties. optimistically that provides you a reliable theory of the faculties in Ottawa. maximum are particularly first rate, even nevertheless there are some you ought to stay faraway from (Ridgemont, Brookfield, St. Patrick), yet to be trustworthy, there are not many colleges that i could say are truly worth commuting midway around the city for for the time of rush hour besides. reliable success!

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  • Rob
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    7 years ago

    it is enough for a family of five

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