how is a student trombone different form a more expensive one?

I'm a decent 10th grade trombone player and i currently play a Jupiter student trombone that i got in 5th grade. Would there be any differences in my playing if i used a more expensive one that wasn't a student trombone? What are the differences? Also, do plastic trombones have any differences from metal trombones?

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    Generally speaking, student trombones are built heavier than intermediate and professional models. This is important for young students especially since the horn can take quite a beating in school. Pro horns have lighter, faster, and more agile slides. But this comes at the cost of sturdiness. In the tenth grade I would want to stick with a student horn. If you're playing in a marching band, then you'll really need the ruggedness. Unless you've reached the point in your music that the weight of the slide is holding you back, then stick with a good student trombone. High school music rooms can be really hard on trombones.

    I've been playing with a pBone plastic trombone for a couple of months now. They're pretty cool. They don't have all the tone and projection of brass, but they're super lightweight and practically indestructible. A great horn for marching band or going around Christmas caroling. I wouldn't want it to be my only trombone though. It's very cool for a second instrument if you have the money. Otherwise put your money into your next 'good' horn.

    After five years any trombone is going to benefit from a good maintenance. Search for 'brass instrument repair' in your area. You may have to send your instrument to the shop through FedEx or UPS if there's nobody near you. For the price of a plastic trombone a good repair shop will fix up any dents or misalignments in your horn and it will play much better. It's something you should do over the summer when you're out of school. It will make a world of difference and you'll think you're playing a new instrument. At this point in your musical career it's probably the best thing you could spend your money on.

    Another thing that can help your playing but not cost too much is to try a different mouthpiece. Student horns usually come with a general purpose 12C mouthpiece that's sized to fit the average ten year old. But other mouthpiece sizes can fit you better as you get older and grow, and you've grown a LOT in the last five years! Any good Internet music supply store will carry a selection of trombone mouthpieces. See if your band director or the other students have different sizes than yours and try them. Don't forget that baritones and euphoniums use the same kind of mouthpiece. Check with those players too. If your mouthpiece has a dent in the end that will really hurt your playing, so get the dent fixed if your mouthpiece got smashed.

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