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38 weeks and sticky fluid?

I am 38 weeks pregnant and last night while having inter course I noticed that 1) it felt really different on the inside to both him and myself and 2) its also really sticky? My baby also isnt moving as much as she used to and I had tightening in my stomach all day that didnt go away. When my boyfriend checked my cervix he said he couldnt find it and felt something hard and that it was like pressing up against an arm or a leg. Any suggestions?

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    Your body's fluids change throughout your pregnancy. Later on in pregnancy a vaginal discharge can consist of cervical mucus that escapes from your mucus plug as your cervix begins to thin out and to dilate. It can look like an egg white. If your discharge is watery or bloody prior to your 37th week of pregnancy, it is possible that you are leaking amniotic fluid. With my first son I was leaking amniotic fluid and it became low so I had to be induced. As far as fetal movement, your baby may not be moving because she's getting herself into position to make her move into the outside world. All babies are different so it's important to keep track of the movement and inform your doctor. Call your ob/gyn as soon as possible to discuss your concerns. They will be able to give you a proper exam and determine what needs to be done, if anything. Good luck and congratulations on your baby!

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