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i have a wii but i want to get a wii u. Is it worth the money? Also can it play original wii games too?

Thanks in advance

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    The Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii games (not GameCube games however) and will use the Wii-motes that you already have. I would say that it is worth it as new games are going to be added to its library after tomorrow's E3 Nintendo Direct. The Wii U is also about $200 cheaper than the XBoxOne and PS4 and will let you play games Nintendo is famous for as well as most multiplatform games.

    Check out for information about the Wii U and check tomorrow for a bunch of articles regarding the new upcoming games.

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    It is worth the money. It's a great improvement from the Wii, and the Wii U can also play original Wii games. With E3 starting, Nintendo will probably announce a lot of games that will hit store shelves later this year, next year, or even longer from now. With these new games, the Wii U will probably be a very popular video game console and will compete with Sony and Microsoft.

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    Id actually buy it because it is really fun and you can have a blast with your family. Wii Fit is also great. I tried it once and I did not want to stop playing it. I have the wii. It may take a little while to set it up. Set up your mii. If you want the internet all you need is a wireless router. Then you must call nintendo which the number is in the manual. If you call them they will give you further instructions. When you do that make sure you have wii points for the wii. You also either need to get a 2000 points or 4000 points. You need the internet channel it is not for free you must pay 500 points. When you get the points card you have to put it in on wii shop. I hope you take my advice and do what I say.

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    yes you can play the original games but really it is not worth buying a wii u right now you should wait till they release some games for it that somebody wants to play the only game I have been playing is

    New Super Mario Bros U and Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

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    Yes I would buy it because you can play it while someone is wanting to watch tv or play another game!

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