Advice on buying an activated cell phone?

I wish to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 from BestBuy Mobile. It requires me to select a plan, pay the activation fee and get the mobile phone. The site says that it will bill me every month.

Suppose that I managed to unlock the phone and use a different sim card, what will happen to the plan? Do I still need to pay to BestBuy for the plans that I purchased it with? What will happen if I don't pay the bill??

Can it lead to a legal action?

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    If you fail to pay your monthly plan bill, they bill "block / blacklist" your phone, making it unusable as a phone, you will not be able to make calls ever again. They will report this to your this to the credit bureaus, then you will not be able to get another contract phone for years. Then the bill collects will seek you out except you won't have a phone for them t call to harass you.

    You probably need to rethink your fraudulent plans, cheers.

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