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iOS App Development for Google Play?

I had an app made for the Google Play store. I was very happy with the app and the developer's work. I have now designed a newer version with upgrades. However the developer could not upload the new version to replace the old version because he had deleted the old certificate. Despite his great work I guess this is something he did not foresee. Is there a workaround or something he can do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Contact Google through the Google Play Developer webpage. You can prove to them that you are the owner of the app. They don't take this lightly, so it may take some time and expect a while on the phone/emails. But if you are the legitimate owner, you two should be able to get access back.

    If for whatever reason you can't get access back, make the new app look like a follow-up. Call it "Whatevername 2" or "whatevername 2013" or something. That will naturally guide users to the newer edition.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    On android you additionally could make apps and shipment i ton on your telephone too. additionally pay 25$ and you would be able to deliver on your app. you ought to use a unfastened IDE called eclipse or netbeans. I want eclipse. that's what significant agencies use.

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