What are Naga Kanyas? In Buddhism and Hinduism?

I have a statue of a Naga Kanya and was wondering what spiritual qualities she has. It's a snake deity, right?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Naga Kanya is the Immortal goddess of India who brings blessings of all aspects of life to those who seek her presence. She brings wealth, prosperity, gathering of assets, friendship, good relationships, love, romance, sexual gratification, spiritual & astral growth, spiritual & astral enlightenment, spiritual & astral revelation, general well-being & attracting good opportunities, connecting with other mystical entities & creatures, as well as providing protection

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    Naga Kanyas are snake goddess the statue doesn't actually have any spiritual qualities except the real thing the only hindu deity that has spiritual significance is Shesh Naag look him up to learn more!

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