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I feel so miserable . How can I feel better?

When I compare my life to my siblings, I feel so horribly miserable . I have a elder sister who is smart, social, she has a job, she has goals and plans. Whereas I have non of these qualities. My younger brother who is a student has best friends that love him so much. I feel so inferior to both of them. My mother respects so much my elder sister but not me. Whenever there is arguments in the house, my weak points are highlighted, i.e , I don't have friends, I don't have job, I am loser... By my siblings and mother. I have been trying to search for a job for more than a year and I have been feeling strongly suicidal. Suicide will help me end all my problems pain that my family gives. I have always been there when anyone in my family is crying, but no one is there for me. They see me crying and they ignore. Past memories of molestation keeps coming back in my mind. My life sucks. I am 22. I feel empty from the inside. I have grown up suffering from anxiety in my high-school years and struggling to be friends in with random groups in my college. How do I move on. Seems like there's is no solution for my deep rooted low self-esteem.

I am treated so like a piece of ****. I feel like I can never be normal. My mother itself calls me retarded, which hurts me so much that I want to die . Infact I die a little everyday.T_T

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    Did you ever tried to speak with a psychologist? He or she can help you!! My girlfriend also tried to kill herself once and I, as a psychology student, told her that even if everything in life feels like **** and you think that nobody is there for you, there is always a goal in life and a point in living. You just have to search it.

    Go and speak with a psychologist and ask him to come to your house so he can assist you on a debate with your family. You will have to speak to your mother and sister, so they know what's wrong with you and in order to stop hurting you, you will have to tell them what your feelings are. Communication is the answer to your problem!!

    I think you have some sort of depression also. If you think life isn't worth anything and you can't associate with groups or whatever... you didn't tell if you're a girl or a guy but it doesn't matter really for my suggestion. Those are:

    - Try some new team sports

    - Go out with your siblings so you can establish a healthy family relationship and you can meet their friends and maybe even YOUR future friends

    - Change yourself... just do something completely strange that you would never do.

    I was in quite the same situation just without the suicidal thoughts. I was not social at all, at home playing all day video games, my brother didn't like me, I had no girlfriend or female friends whatsoever. It was probably the best decision I ever made. I read about the pickup community. PUA or Pick-up Artists are guys that pick up women and get laid. Most of them were just like you and me: total losers. And now they have a huge social environment.... just like me (now).

    Look up at youtube "Mystery Method" and watch this guy how he teaches nerds how to be at a high social value and pick up some chicks. If you're a girl that's fine too... it works for both ;)

    If you have still any problems or you just want to talk to somebody here's my e-mail address:


    Hit me up, every time you want.

    Good Luck.. you can do it!


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    This opposite may help:


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