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danny asked in PetsRodents · 8 years ago

Hamster has puffy eye lids?

My 3 month old hamster has a puffy eye, well it seems more like the eyelid not the eye itself so I don't believe it's glaucoma, he doesn't seem to be in pain I've been dabbing it with a bit of saline solution and it doesn't seem to hurt him, it just seems to bug him.

problem is now his sister seems to be having a problem with her eye as well, she's been staying in her den for several days, she hasn't been grooming herself (she's normally very meticulous with herself and her mother) normally she's very inquisitive, now she doesn't leave her den.

Is it possibly some hereditary thing? I haven't put the hamsters in contact with each other at all, there mother has no problems and the other brother doesn't show any sign of his eye getting swollen either, it also doesn't look like Glaucoma it's more like the eyelid is puffy and keeping the eye closed rather then bulging out.

it's possible they shared a hamster ball, not at the same time but one after the other.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You should take him to the vet. Hamsters can die from very small things that we think are unimportant

    Source(s): experience :(
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