Can I be a trucker if I got two tickets (not for speeding)?

I got two tickets three years ago, i got the first one for talking on my cell phone (i lived in california), and i got my second for making an illegal u-turn. I have since moved to a seattle, wa

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  • 7 years ago
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    Its cool you only have one point on lic,talking on a cell phone does not count as a point in calif

  • 7 years ago

    I have been a semi driver for two years, so I will try and help you through your question. If you are getting ready to enroll in trucking school have five years worth of DMV records with you when you go. A set of copies for your school and a set for yourself. Ten years is better. The U-turn thing is not a red flag, but the cell phone issue may be a negative. How do you amend that? Make sure they were both "minor" violations. You didn't get in any accidents and no one was hurt. The one thing I saw guys get booted out of trucking school for was not giving and ACCURATE and complete driving history. One fellow I was in school with had a 7 year old speeding ticket he forgot about and they released him. He was a natural too. That guy could have gotten in a truck and been a total pro in a week. He passed his state evaluation the first time.

    I had a speeding ticket a year before I went to school but told my recruiter about it (ten over in a 25 mph zone) and I never had a problem. It would seem smart to engage about three companies, talk to them about your record and get it in writing that they will accept you with the traffic history. If they enroll you and then release you, you have grounds to sue them. Not likely to happen, but having your records open and accurate give them a good picture of how responsible you are.

    If you do become a trucker, make sure to get a bluetooth headset. It is illegal in most states to be speaking on a cell phone while you drive. Maneuvering an 80K pound rig and trailer while cradling a cell phone on your shoulder is a bad idea anyway. Once on the road you wouldn't believe how many drivers do this. Burning through Chicago many times, Belly Dump semi guys are constantly driving with one hand. Dangerous and stupid. Good luck and be honest, do you know how refreshing that is to a trucking company? They breathe a sigh of relief knowing you were responsible enough to be transparent and honest, that usually translates into breaks some normally do not get. Dishonesty cost 6 our of ten of my classmates a new career.

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