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How can I make it into the CFR?

It has always been a dream of mine to do barrel racing at the CFR and go to Vegas and everything. I have been riding horses since i was 2 years old. Have had lessons. I currently own 3 horses and on my barrel horse i can run 18 seconds and she is almost 22.. if i had a good arena and a younger horse do you think that i would have a chance to make it all the way?

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    well if your talking about vegas im assuming you mean the NFR. and as for the CFR it is going to work the same.

    if your looking to make both your looking at needing more then one good rodeo horse and looking at spending every weekend at a rodeo friday-sunday.

    first you need to get a permit, you have to be 18 or older.

    your permit you can only run at certain rodeos. you get one year to make 1,000 dollars in order to get your pro rodeo card. once you get your card you can compete anywhere and everywhere. you then run at rodeos and earn money to try and end up in the top 15 to make it to the NFR (i live in the states and this is how it works over here to qualify for the NFR)

    you can go the wpra's website to see more.

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