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Put other job name in information for immigration under Provincial Nominee ?

Hi everyone,

So my question is ; if I get a post graduate work permit (in Ontario) , and then get a cashier or in retail sales, may I include that my job is retail sales SUPERVISOR ? because I need one year skilled work to apply for resident permanant, and only skilled jobs ( such as supervisor or manager ) are accepted.

How can CIC know about my job if I'll be working on an open work permit (I won't need job offer).

thank you so much in advance .

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    It is well known that you are desperate to come up with a way to obtain a post-graduation work permit to get work experience to apply for CEC.

    You can list whatever you want in your application. It does not mean it is true or that you will be successful in the application. In fact, the checks that are almost certain to be completed may well result in findings you have misrepresented yourself. You have left a history of questions of this sort in a public forum. If you don't think that searches are done when information is reviewed you may be in for a surprise.

    Misrepresentation carries with it a possible fine, jail time and last but not least exclusion from Canada.

    It appears to be an unfortunate situation that you are in the position you find yourself, but it is time to face the reality of that situation. By all means submit an application so it can all be reviewed and see how it works out.

    How can CIC know about what you are doing? It is not CIC only that you need to concern yourself about day to day as much as the CBSA that enforce immigration legislation.

    Perhaps you have read recently about new regulations that allow for visitation of work places. This is generally related to employers and LMOs, but if you happen to be working at one of the locations checked you'll be asked to show your documents/evidence you may work and confirmation will be done.

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