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Please tell me how to make Excel take the data from a cell in multiple spreadsheets and list them in a new one?

I'm starting a taxicab company. I put all my trips, fuel, expenses for the day into a daily spreadsheet. I want to create a spreadsheet that will take the totals from all of the daily sheets and list them for the year and add the numbers.

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    On your new sheet type = and click on the tab for the first sheet you want to copy from, click on the cell you want to copy and hit enter. Repeat for the other sheets (in the cell under the first cell) on your new sheet then sum the column.

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    Hi, It seems that you want to add the total expenses. No matter what soever. So you have sheets of some details and you want a consolidated total . Just copy the sheet, (I hope your all sheets contents are in same place, for eg gi relates to fuel expen, etc). by going to the sheet tab at the middle and right click and select move or copy menu, there you select copy box. Otherwise, the sheet will be moved. Then,link all the sheets like this.put= to tell excel to calculate, and then select the required sheets cell reference in other sheets where you want to add, (do not forget to add + sign for each sell operation and then click enter. Now if you verify the sheet just you copied, it will contain the sumtotal of all the sheets . Just copy the formula and fill the required cells.

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