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How do you feel about the admitting of Govt. spying agencies?

Just want every ones opinion on the espionage that's going on.


Of course you aren't worried about it suzie, you probably don't even know what democracy is, or right to privacy, or freedom at all... Just give away all your rights and freedoms because of staged terrorist attacks that you think are real. they create the problem, we react, they present the solution... exactly what they want.

Update 2:

Well I think freedom no longer exists, possibly never existed in the first place, and moving in to the future, seeing how docile people are to the whole issue, will never exist. Freedom is dead.

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    The only thing which surprises me is that the American people are so surprised at how much power the NSA has.

    Now you understand just how much the "Patriot Act" has affected your privacy.

    It's such a shame that not a single politician even read this act before they voted it into law, they were given no time to do so !

    Such was the degree of absolute paranoia in America after 9/11 !

    And of course, GW Bush's "With us or with the terrorists" speech, I mean, this didn't really allow for much criticism did it ? It was this alone which allowed such an act to be passed.

    Obama's only fault is that he is continuing with such American paranoia over terrorism.

    But he isn't exactly swimming against the tide is he ?

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    If your referring to PRISM. or anything like that lol then in my opinion, I'm okay with it, as long as we the "public" can access their (the government) personal data as well.. hahaha but it is not going to happen is it... I'm against the gov spying on us 100% and think the entire "terror" crap is just an excuse to invade our privacy and strip our rights away. Because let's face it, none of us are actually "terrorist" and don't have any problems with the gov looking through our data. Not realizing they're monitoring our every piece of data.... We are screwed regardless of how we feel about it. Plus if this PRISM thing didn't get leaked, then we wouldn't even know about it yet lol

    I just edited this to say :-) your comment to suzie... I agree with you. It's all staged lol but it is this sort of comment that gets us labelled a "conspiracy theorist" lmfao..

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    It makes you wonder how much phone sex the NSA is listening to on a daily basis.. i bet the NSA hears stuff they wish the NEVER heard... just saying..

    I personally make farting sounds... some are from my butt some are from my armpits... wanna play?

    People are just upset because they think the government will judge them for how many cat videos are in their search history... the cat ringing the doorbell is my favorite video.

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    You are starting to realize what the govt spends your tax dollar on?

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    those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety...

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    I'm not worried about it.

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