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Is the movie Man of Steel good?

Please no spoilers just small answer if the movie is worth seeing. Thanks. 10 points for answer!

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    I know nothing about Superman nor have I watched the other films or read the comics. Man Of Steel was a CGI-fest, maybe a little bit too much, though it is Zack Synder's style. I actually fell asleep for most of the movie, seeing only the first 30 minutes and last 45 minutes? So that might be a good indication or it could just be me. There were loads of action scenes but overall, the movie wasn't that impressionable to me. The storyline was quite standard and had nothing outstanding, not even humour. Lois Lane and Superman barely had much screen time together to establish any chemistry. The other characters were pretty flat as well. I did like the dark psychological themes though.

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    Nope..Too kiddy..I thought it might be realistic, powerful, emotional and expected it to have decent fights but I was dissopointed..Very terrible movie..Bad acting.. Only exception if Michael Shannon, who, did ok, the rest were bad, especially Amy Adams, she can't act to save her life..Overall I promise you it's a bad movie, you will not like it, trust me on this.

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    Yes. It is a totally fresh take on Superman, and one built more on 21st Century Global sensibilities rather than Great Depression Americanism.

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    It is a MUST see. :)

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