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Please help! Should I be worried about this mole?

I had a mole under my collarbone (about 1-1.5cm), and my dad and aunt both said that I shouldn't worry about it being cancerous, but I'm super insecure about it. I always wear high-necked shirts or scarves to cover it because I'm just really insecure. (I don't want anyone to say that I should just learn to like it, that's not going to happen, ok). Because of that, I decided to try the garlic method. For around three weeks (mostly on and off until recently) I put a piece of garlic on it before I went to bed, secured it with a band aid and took if off in the morning. However, today when I took the band aid off, it was a bit red, but I just figured that it was starting to peel off or whatever. However, later on, I went to scratch it and it was bumpy. When I checked it out in a mirror, it was almost bubbled. Eventually, I like-- popped the bubble but it didn't bleed even though I thought it would. When I got home, I took a good look at it and some of the skin was peeling. I removed the peeling skin and there is still clearly a mole underneath, but I think the size may have increased VERY slightly. It's still red and does still hurt, but I'm not sure if I should be worried. PLEASE HELP.

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    Well, obviously you shouldn't have put the garlic on it. If it has a smooth margin, not ziggity-zaggity that's a good sign. If it makes you feel better, google skin cancer and it will show pictures so you can compare. If it makes you feel so bad, have it removed then you can totally forget about it.

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  • 7 years ago

    Nothing to worry about. You irritated it.

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