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NATO - cold war????????

can you please explain nato in the cold war what it was, why , why was it important thanks soo much i give best answer full points

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    After World War Two there was a fundimental clash between Democratic countries and Communist countries - both feared the other for varied reasons with the west thinking the Russians want to invade Europe making it communist - under their control.

    "The Cold War" was the battle fought between the democratic nations against the communist ones - using spies, espionage, double agents, submarines... it was a covert intellectual and technological battle with an arms race - and some wars:

    Korea, the Communist North invading the democratic South... Vietnam, same thing.

    Canada. the USA, and Britain - the three largest western powers after WWII were the founding members [creators] of what later became the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; NATO for short.

    It was basically a self-defence alliance.

    The terms of membership are a/ no member nation shall attack another member nation, and b/ if any member nation is attacked by an aggressor nation that shall be interpreted as an attack against all member nations.

    Since then about +20 other nations have joined since - agreeing to the terms of membership.

    The full list of member nations:

    What this means to Canada for example, is we have pledged never to attack anyone in the same alliance as we are in, and we will defend anyone in that alliance who is ever attacked [just like they have pledged to do the same if Canada is ever attacked]

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