What would do if you woke up to these situations?

Say you happened to be in dreamland for whatever reason, and you woke up to these situations:

a) A crowd of friends and family shouting "Happy Birthday!" while your in bed, complete with cake and decorations

b) A group of terrorist pointing guns at you while you're on the ground

c) Wake up in bed and look at your alarm clock to find out your 2 hours late for work

d)Find yourself on the floor of a littered venue where your favorite artist just played

e) Find out your falling 20 miles in the air

f) Wake up in chair and see a loved one you know whose no longer with you, come over and embrace you in a hug

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  • 8 years ago
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    A) I would be rattled. I would thank everyone, but feel irritated that they intruded into my room while I was still in bed.

    B) I would cry and beg them to not kill me.

    C) Start to panic and grab my phone to text my boss to apologize and let her know i'm coming ASAP.

    D) Get up and feel confused

    E) Die.

    F) Elated.

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