Questions about Space? & Opinions on aliens? Space travel?

How long was the hubble space telescope suppose to go into space for? I thought it was only suppose to be in space for like a year? Do you think there is other planets out there like earth? Like with oxygen, human beings, animals, h20? Do you believe in little green people or other human beings? How come ufos have been spotted on our planet but no one from planet earth goes to another planet to research people? Good websites to see raw footage of planets? I'm 18 years old by the time i'm about 35 could there be ways to explore farther in space without it taking years and years to arrive? I want opinions please!

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  • John W
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    7 years ago
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    The Hubble space telescope was designed to be serviced by the space shuttle so it did not have a design life. With it's last service in 2009, the telescope is expected to last through 2013, a robotic dock was attached in 2009 to guide it through re-entry, the original plans was to return it as a museum piece but the cancellation of the shuttle program has made that impossible. Personally, I think they could've tried a giant M.O.O.S.E. foam re-entry package as an experiment on it's re-entry.

    There are most certainly planets like Earth out there but except for Alpha Centauri Bb, they will likely be out of reach. Besides an interstellar spaceship would require a self-sustaining habitat such as an O'Neill Cylinder, Bernal Sphere or Stanford Torus. Once you have such habitats, you do not need a habitable planet, just asteroids and comets to build more habitats. It's a lack of imaginatin that we have a planetary chauvinism and only think of colonizing and terraforming planets and moons.

    UFO's are just unidentified flying objects, not extra-terrestrial vehicles. Why would aliens keep visiting over thousands of years and only make crop circles, multilate cattle and abduct men and women to impregnate? Why haven't their technology advanced in all that time?

    With our current fastest spaceship, it would take 60,000 years to reach the nearest star, even with the 1950's era Project Orion which was canceled because of it's use of atomic bombs, it would take 130 years to reach the nearest star, waiting 130 to 260 years for a return on investment makes visiting other planets unrealistic.

    If you are fortunate, you may see space habitats such as a Stanford Torus being built to colonize the solar system but manned space travel will certainly still be interplanetary and would be unlikely t have developed by the time you're 35. You would probably be the third or fourth generation which grew up expecting space travel to be common in their life only to find that it isn't.

    Experiments into the Alcubierre drive may tell us if it's possible but the energy required and the amount of negative energy required pretty much means it will always be impractical. We may be able to move a photon across a fraction of a millimeter at warp speed but that's about it.

  • Bob D1
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    7 years ago

    ("Questions about Space? & Opinions on aliens? Space travel? ...")


    I'm not a physicist, astronomer, or cosmologist but here's my thoughts:

    Opinions on aliens: The United States Government is in possession of a classified technology of a very exotic nature, and is probably of a captured and reversed-engineered Extraterrestrial origin. The effects this technology is able to exert on material objects, and upon the human body are absolutely remarkable, and well beyond the scope of the Standard Model to adequately describe. It is likely that this classified technology is somehow exerting energy that can modify (modulate) the Pauli exclusion principle between two physical bodies in close contact such as a person setting in a chair or laying in bed.

    See: Pauli Exclusion Principle

    The best I can figure is that this technology somehow also may make use of the tiny gravitational fields between material objects, and locks on to those fields.

    See: GRAVITY ...

    The United States Government is using this exotic based technology to conduct harmful and unlawful human experiments on populations of its own citizenry, and on others around the world. That is a Fact! and can be proven so. The complexity of these human experiments are unlike any before it. I firmly believe that it is this exotic technology that's driving people to commit many of these bizarre crimes of mass murder (gun killings), and especially where the culprit ends his / her own life in the aftermath. Stuff is going on in the world and it isn't at all what people think it is.

    The United States Government is doing a whole lot more than just putting the American public under electronic surveillance, a whole lot more. I call for every nation to put pressure on the White House to explain these illegal surveillance's, then demand that the world be permitted to conduct their own investigation into the unlawful use of American citizenry for classified human experiments ... There exists many hundreds of testimonies, documented and video recorded evidence, some hard evidence, and paper trails to various government agencies like the Veterans Administration, Health Care system. The United States Government is acting in direct conflict with the American Constitution and in direct violation of individual human rights.

    See: U.S. Surveillance: China Asks Washington To Explain Monitoring Programmes

    There are also active cases before the courts concerning CIA and military illegal human experiments on military personal. That case is being heard next month in San Francisco, California.

    See: CIA --

    See: Unethical human experimentation in the United States

    As for Space travel: we do not yet know all the laws of physics governing this Universe, and we will not know all of the possibilities for space-travel until we have a successful and well tested theory of everything, a TOE. And arriving at a TOE is not likely to happen any way soon, in my opinion. Nonetheless, there are new laws of physics out there and new technologies based upon those laws. The United States Government knows all about this.

    Best regards

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  • Anonymous
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    Scientists' have researched and found out that Jupiter's sixth closest moon 'Europa' is an earth-like moon. The moon 'Europa' is similar to mars but it is frozen. It was spotted by Galileo in 1610. That is all I know about the planet, search it up on google.

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    Drakes equation theorizes there are between 10-1000 intelligent life civilizations... As to why we haven't "researched other people" we haven't got the technology to find them.

    Hubble telescope is never to return. When it stops broadcasting it becomes space junk.

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