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i wrongly applied windex to my tv screen. Now have a white transparent streak running in the middle of the scr?

I wrongly applied windex to my TV screen. Now have white 3" transparency streak in the middle of screen running from top to bottom of viewing area. If there is a method or home remedy to clear this away kindly provide me direction. Thank you

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    No. You made the number 2 mistake of LCD/LED TV owners--using a home cleanser containing ammonia on the screen. Your screen cannot be repaired, and there's no practical way to replace it that costs much less than buying a new TV. In fact, that cost is sometimes *more* than a new TV, which is why almost no one even tries to do it.

    If your TV is a top brand, you might get a little for it for parts. Otherwise, if you can't live with the white streak and decide to replace it, it needs to go to a recycler.

    The number 1 mistake is plugging the TV directly into a wall outlet instead of a surge protector.

    Before you try to clean another TV screen, read the link below.

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    Windex is not for HD tv screens. If it's so bad you can't use the tv you could try dampening a microfiber cloth, very slightly with warm water. Then very gently, barely touching the screen, wipe the screen and see if you can get the residue off the tv. Dry with another microfiber cloth, again very gently. Some people have had luck doing that, but keep in mind, the windex may have damaged the screen and this may do nothing or make it worse.

    So only do it if you can't use the tv as it is.

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