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Where can i ........?

Where can I wear this dress to, BESIDES a halloween party/Masquerade & prom?

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    Aria Montgomery !!! Love that show :D

    To your question, you can wear this dress to:

    - Halloween parties (like you have said)

    - Masquerades parties (like you have said)

    - Prom (like you have said)

    - a school play (if appropriate)

    - babysit a kid (if you're going to read the kid the story "Alice in Wonderland" or "Swan Lake". I don't think that "Swan Lake" is appropriate for little kids)

    - your Sweet 16 (if you want to)

    - a wedding (as a bridesmaid; talk to the bride first to see if she allows you to)

    - a photo shoot

    - a sleepover (if there's a dress up game)

    - Homecoming (of course; can't believe I almost forgot about it)

    - your Quinceanera (15th birthday)

    - your ballet recital (if you're doing ballet, and you're allowed to wear it)

    Hope that helped :D

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    A hen party.

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