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Can Webcam hackers still get access to your webcam if your webcam is not turned on?

Can Webcam hackers still get access to your webcam if your webcam is not turned on? And should I worry about those software's such as cambusters (Thoses programs where people can easily hack your webcam)

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    Let me try to put your fears at rest.

    Webcam hacking usually means they trick someone into installing a bit of software which gives them access to your machine. Modern up to date security products DO NOT ALWAYS detect the latest ones. So when you see a program or video you want somewhere its not supposed to be LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE - it could be a trick to give the morons access to your computer.

    IF you are infected use BOTH the trial of kaspersky and ESET - two good detectors one after the other to detect the program and remove it from your computer.

    And if you are not using a webcam turn it off - or stick something over it - as the above is NOT the only method. (warning if you stick something over cam make sure you dont cover the cam plastic otherwise u will get blurry cam when u need it lol )

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    it quite is WAAAY much less difficult than maximum folk think of in case you pass to my web site i can installation "flash cookies" (purely like generic text fabric cookies) which will enable your webcam and you will no longer even comprehend that. in the adventure that your Flash settings do no longer enable that then a hacker can purely installation yet another "hijacking" flash cokoie which will provide him precise to enable your webcam. that's how YouTube works !!!! They use Flash cookies !!! EDIT: P.S. there is not any such element as "gentle in a webcam" e.t.c. some laptops have geared up-in "gentle sensors" that make it easier to handle the reveal brightness and assessment so in case you're outdoors in sunny place your brightness is going up so the pondered image won't face as much as you. the comparable "gentle sensors" we've in our cellular telephone.once you keep the telephone close to on your face the reveal is going dark,once you progression the telephone away it helps the reveal so which you would be able to form returned.

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes they can. They even can control your whole computer.

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