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Insurance terms Matching. Help! I suck?

1.Personal Insurance

2.Property Insurance

3.Liability Insurance


5. Coverage






11. Rider

12. Policy

a) The payments that a policy holder is required to make

b) The protection ($ amount) you get from your policy

c) The preson who estimates the cost of the damage or injury

d) The printed document or contract

e) Protects you when something happens to your health or travel plans

f) the underwriter or salesperson representing the insurance company

g) an extra cost option to a basic policy that adds or excludes benefits

h) protects what you own, such as a vehicle or home

i) the amount you must pay on the claim before the insurance starts

j) protects you from being sued for negligence or damage

k) the description you give to the company when you want to collect insurances money

L) things that can happen that your policy covers on your behalf

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    We're not a cheating service. This is homework *help*. Until you've followed the forum guidelines, you're not going to get anyone to pick up on this request. Specifically, you have to do the parts you *can* do on your own; then explain where you're stuck. You haven't put any appreciable effort into this: most of these terms are simple look-ups in your textbook or on line.

    For instance, here's the first hit from a simple search for "insurance premium"

    Go ye thou, and do likewise.

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