What are christians thoughts on dinosaurs?

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    There is no discrepancy with Christianity on this point or belief that they did not exist.

    Some dinosaurs (and pterosaurs) may have been created in the fifth era listed in Genesis, when the Bible says that God made “flying creatures” and “great sea monsters.” Perhaps other types of dinosaurs were created in the sixth epoch. The vast array of dinosaurs with their huge appetites would have been appropriate considering the abundant vegetation that evidently existed in their time.—Genesis 1:20-24.

    When the dinosaurs had fulfilled their purpose, God ended their life. But the Bible is silent on how he did that or when. We can be sure that dinosaurs were created by God for a purpose, even if we do not fully understand that purpose at this time. They were no mistake, no product of evolution. That they suddenly appear in the fossil record unconnected to any fossil ancestors, and also disappear without leaving connecting fossil links, is evidence against the view that such animals gradually evolved over millions of years of time. Thus, the fossil record does not support the evolution theory. Instead, it harmonizes with the Bible’s view of creative acts of God.

    Sometimes where the issue arises is in that many believe that the creation of the earth in Genesis was 7 literal days of 24hr periods each and do not understand the word "day" was translated from a word that actually meant a long period of time. The bible supports science in the time period in which the earth came about. This flexible use of the word “day” to express units of time of varying length is clearly evident in the Genesis account of creation. Therein is set forth a week of six creative days followed by a seventh day of rest. In the Scriptural record the account of each of the six creative days concludes with the statement: “And there came to be evening and there came to be morning” a first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth day. (Ge 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31) The seventh day, however, does not have this ending, indicating that this period, during which God has been resting from his creative works toward the earth, continued on. At Hebrews 4:1-10 the apostle Paul indicated that God’s rest day was still continuing in his generation, and that was more than 4,000 years after that seventh-day rest period began. This makes it evident that each creative day, or work period, was at least thousands of years in length. As A Religious Encyclopaedia (Vol. I, p. 613) observes: “The days of creation were creative days, stages in the process, but not days of twenty-four hours each.”

    At times when limited understanding of points arise on scriptural topics, things may seem a little unclear however as time goes on and light is shed, we can see that the bible harmonised on many scientific points.

    Information taken from the jw.org online bible library

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    nobody knows the exact age of creation and God created everything in 6 days no matter how long the days were. There were dinosaurs before Noahs flood and there were dinosaurs after the flood. the only proof I have of the dinosaurs and Noahs flood is that the archeologists have found literally herds of animals at the peaks of mountains etc trying to escape the flood waters. and there are coelacanths that date back past the flood and there are land animals as well. the reason that alot of dinosaurs dont exist after Noah let all the animals loose is that a lot of the vegetation they ate was no longer available and MAYBE mankind might have hunted them to exticntion.

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    They existed. The Bible talks about them 34 timess but by different words since the word dinosaur was NOT coined until 1841. The KJB was written in 1611.

    Evolutionist ideas that they lived 65 million years ago is bs.

    They have discovered soft tissue and blood cells in a T Rex in Montana and another in Argentina. Forensics tells us that blood cells cannot be older than 100,000 years.

    Ancient pottery, drawings, figurines and pictures shoiw disnosaurs and men together.

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    Gonna interject here and split them into three groups

    The first claim that the behemoth, leviathan and tanniyn from the bible are dinosaurs, so they think man walked with the,

    The second accept dinosaurs existence and claim they came in the early days of creation

    The third flat out deny and cry satan

    Either way they can't explain it well

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  • 7 years ago

    They were created on Day 6, with all of the other land animals.

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    I think that God was like "let's try these massive beasts!" then they were way too big and mean for the Garden of Eden so he was like LoL jk let's throw some spare space junk at the dinos to give adam and eve a chance. Yup that's honestly what I believe happened and I promise I'm not making fun of religion this is my actual belief

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    Dinosaurs were gay, that is why they died out -- they were too busy being fabulous to prepare for the first winter. Also, their quest for zero percent body fat did not help.

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    Best explained by this guy I believe:


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    You can also look for his leviathan seminars 1-10

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    Dinos are pre-Adamic creatures.

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