Who will I most likely be cast a in the Wizard of Oz?

I'm 14, the community theatre hold auditions for kids between 6-18. I can act very well, my dancing isn't perfect, but it's good enough for a musical production (I also have training in dance and gymnastics and I was on my school's dance team for two years) I'm pretty sure I'm a mezzo-soprano, but I may be in between an alto and a mezzo (but definitely more of a mezzo and I can hit higher notes like in "somewhere over the rainbow"). I'm really not quite sure. Who will I probably be cast as in the wizard of oz? I just want a good idea of who I even have a chance to be. (btw, the theatre I'm auditioning for said that girls could be casted in male roles and that everyone auditioning will be cast because there are going to be three different productions of the same show).

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  • Cogito
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    7 years ago
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    There is no way to tell - it could be anything from a leading role to a Munchkin.

    It all depends how good you are (and your opinion doesn't count) how well you audition, how they like you and your attitude, what the others who audition are like - how the director has envisaged each role - there are too many variables to make any sort of guess.

    Good luck anyway!

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