Who will I most likely be cast as in the Wizard of Oz?

I'm 14, the community theatre hold auditions for kids between 6-18. I can act very well, my dancing isn't perfect, but it's good enough for a musical production (I also have training in dance and gymnastics and I was on my school's dance team for two years) I'm pretty sure I'm a mezzo-soprano, but I may be in between an alto and a mezzo (but definitely more of a mezzo and I can hit higher notes like in "somewhere over the rainbow"). I'm really not quite sure. Who will I probably be cast as in the wizard of oz? I just want a good idea of who I even have a chance to be. (btw, the theatre I'm auditioning for said that girls could be casted in male roles and that everyone auditioning will be cast because there are going to be three different productions of the same show).

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  • 7 years ago
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    No telling really. It is down to the preferences of the people running the auditions and to who else is auditioning. I think they might want someone older and with more singing experience for Dorothy though. If the community theatre do regular performances it is likely that the main roles will go to people who have been in their productions before and who are known to be reliable. It is a risk to cast an unknown quantity as a lead. If they miss rehearsals or don't learn their lines and blocking on time they can scupper the whole show.

    There are no high notes in "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" btw. Judy Garland was a Alto and she sang at the lower end of that, any lower and she'd have been a tenor. The reason a lot of people find the song difficult to sign is they can't hold the low notes, not that they can't hit the high ones. You probably sing it an octave higher than Judy did.

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    Quite honestly, there's no telling what will happen. It all depends on who else auditions and what the directors are looking for in certain characters. From what you're saying it sounds like you have quite a bit of talent and could be cast as one of the main characters (good witch, bad witch, Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, or Dorothy). Really what it all comes down to is what the directors picture each of the characters as. However, the fact that you're fourteen is to your advantage. The directors will most likely want the older kids (16+ maybe) in the parts of the witches/ adult characters. Dorothy is supposed to be a sweet little girl from Kansas, maybe 13-14. Her friends could be that age give or take a couple years. But again, it's all about the other candidates and what the directors want. Best of luck to you!

    Source(s): I was Dorothy in my production a few months ago :)
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    Depends on how long you've been doing things with this theatre for, so if it's your first audition, maybe a part of the chorus, or if you've been there a bit longer, something bigger. I do regret to say this but you probably won't be anything big like Dorothy or three Tin Man until your a bit older.

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