How come people in Africa watch New Hollywood& Bollywood movies earlier than everyone?

You can watch all those good movies on DVD not even in theater. I watched Jackie Chan "New Police Story" and "Chinese Zodiac" and more Chinese movies. Hindi Movies like "Oh my God" and "Singham" and "My friend Pinto" and more. Hollywood I can't even count. But I was watching a movie called "Hammer of the gods" I think it didn't even come out on theater yet. I was watching it half-way but I had to leave Africa so I stopped watching. I wanted to bring it here but I was afraid I will be arrested for it. But anyways how come it's easier to watch plenty of new movies in Africa but not here. And over there a movie costs less than a dollar. A collection movie which I think has 10 movies in one DVD equals less than 1 dollar and 50 cents. Why? And is there other places like this?


@Saskia D:

I'm talking about Kenya, dude. In Kenya you can get the newest movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Chollywood. You have to fit in with the locals to get new movies. Not go to place only made for tourists, that's like getting robbed with consent.

Update 2:

@m!T Gupta:

I already did. I watched many indian movies. I watch Ghajini, Thriller, Commando, Jab jak he taan(sharukh khan movie), Ek tha Tiger, Eega(telugu movie), Dabanng 2, and more I can't remember all at once but if you mention them I will know them. I think I watch all the newest hindi films this year.

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    I don't know which alternate Universe you went to visit, but it's certainly not the Africa that I know and live in. We do not get movies ahead of America or the UK. We are often quite in-sync with the UK in terms of DVD releases (because our DVD region is also Region 2). However, we are very behind with films being released in the cinema, though not always. It is likely that the movies you were watching were downloaded from the internet, as cable theft is a big problem in South Africa, and internet crime is not a number 1 priority. Also, the Dollar is extremely strong compared to the Rand, so when you say it "only" cost you $1.50, all I could think was how you paid R16 to watch a movie and that is quite expensive.

    Hope that helps ;)

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    5 years ago

    I prefer Hollywood over Bollywood. That's just my personal preference.

  • 8 years ago

    First time,i have heard this type of sitiuation.otherwise watch bollywood movie '3 idiots'.you will like it!

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