How would I go about doing this question on linear relations?

Here's the question:

A boat took 3 hours to travel 24 km with the current.On the return trip, the boat took 5 hours to travel 24 km against the current. Determine the speed of the current

I know this is a relatively easy question, but I'm just blanking at the moment. Could you please give the steps on how to answer? Thank you so much :)

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  • Julian
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    8 years ago
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    v = speed of the boat in still water

    c = speed of the current

    v+c = 24/3 = 8

    v-c = 24/5 = 4.8

    solve the simple system by subtracting to get c

    (v+c) - (v-c) = 8-4.8 = 3.2

    2c = 3.2

    c = 1.6 km/hour ...............answer


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