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I need to understand football!?

I need to know everything about football.I am completely clueless and i don't understand a thing. Best answer will receive 10 points, but i need to be able to pull off the " i so understand football" Thanks :)

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    Football has two teams playing against each other. One is on offense, possesion of the ball, and the other is the Defense, trying to stop the offense from advancing towards their end zone. Points are scored by a touchdown, 6 points or a field goal, 3 points. After a team as scored a touchdown they the option to kick it, 1 more extra point, or a Point After Touchdown (PAT), or a run another play for 2 more points.Each team will have 11 players each on the field.

    The offense positions are Left Tackle, Left Guard, Center, Right Guard and Right Tackle, all of which make up the Offensive Line. The Center snaps the ball to the Quarterback who can throw it or hand it off. Wide Receivers run routes and catch the ball or on occasion can receive a hand-off in the back field. Running backs have two positions, a Fullback who mostly blocks for the Halfback who runs the ball most of the time. A running play, or called a rush, can be done by the RB, WR or the QB. Tight ends are a mix between a lineman and a receiver.

    The Defense have the Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, or sometimes a Nose Guard, in a 3-4 defense. Most teams use a 4-3 defense which had 4 down linemen and 3 line backers while a 3-4 defense had 3 down linemen and 4 linebackers. A nose guard is the center defensive tackle. They all make up the Defensive Line. The D-Line is mainly responsible for stopping the running game of the offense. Linebackers are responsible for stopping a run game and a passing game. Cornerbacks cover receivers. Safeties are like a deep cornerback, usually 15 yards from the line of scrimmage, which is where the ball is.

    Special teams are where the kicking and punting units. Kickers kick Field Goals and PATs as well as kickoffs. Punters usually go out on fourth down and are responible for kicking the ball and releasing his teams possesion.

    These are the basics of football. For more specific details will require further research.

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    The offense gets 4 attempts (downs) to get 10 yards and get a new set of downs. A touchdown is 6 points, a field goal is 3, a safety is 2, and an extra point is 1.

    On 4th down, most teams either punt (kick the ball to the opponents) or kick a field goal (kick it through the goal posts) unless they're really close to a 1st down and the offense might try to get the 1st down. If they are unsuccessful, the other team takes over.

    Teams have certain formations that they have to line up in. The offensive line has a center, 2 guards, and 2 tackles. Wide receivers catch the ball, running backs run the ball, the quarterback is the field general who throws or hands off the ball. Tight ends are receivers on passing plays and blockers on running plays.

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  • 6 years ago

    first pick a team.. one with a cool name like the 49ers !

    then know there colors of the3 jerseys. look at the score pretend you know what your talking about to your boyfriend. if you don't know and keep switching teams that may be a problem bbut i don't know ..

    then when you go to a game scream GO TEAM YES YES YES YES YES YOU GOT THIS and then make up a name JERRY for example. 'GO JERRY YOU THIS MAN' make a shot. don't say touchdown because thats the wrong word thats for soccer. JUST REMEBER THAT. then when your hubby says something like yo wifey with you don't know anything please stop. say obvs youj don't know anything because your the one not listen to yao0o00000oooooo answers stupid. :) and thats how to understand football.

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    Apparently you don't think too much of the game if you think it's simple enough for someone to write a couple paragraphs for you and you can pretend you understand it.

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    You need to know EVERYTHING about football?

    You ask yourself too much and set the bar too high for you.

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