What was the weirdest concert you have ever been to?

Describe who was playing and what was it was like.

BQ: Name one artist or band you would like to see in concert one day.

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  • Darby
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    8 years ago
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    Last year, I went to this godawful house show in Philadelphia that a couple shitty crust punk bands played. I went with some friends to see my ex's band play, but we didn't know the area, so we had to stop for directions. This guy in a Crass vest who said his name was Mike offered to take us to the house show if we gave him a ride, because his band was playing too but he'd gone to the store for liquor. So he takes us to this sketchy *** house and leads us to down to the basement full of sweaty, middle aged men crowded around the band that was wrapping up their set. I didn't recognized anyone, but I thought maybe my ex's band was just unloading in the driveway or some ****. The next band that played was actually really good, but I was too distracted by Mike, the guy we gave a ride, who had dropped his 40 on the concrete floor and was rolling around in the glass. The next band that came on played completely naked, and when their vocalist started trying to cut himself with a crushed beer can, we left. I called my ex, whose band was just about to play, and found out that we were at the wrong address. Apparently, we had picked up some psycho called Methadone Mike and then let him lead us to this heroine dealer's house where the guy had regular house shows to front for the large amount of druggies going in and out of his house all day. That was definitely the weirdest concert I've been to, but not the worst actually, as I once saw Panic! at the Disco live for a friend's birthday. I even enjoy some P!ATD songs, but they gave a pitiful live performance.

    BQ: Black Flag with Henry Rollins

  • 8 years ago

    A long time ago...outside Chicago in a converted hockey rink.

    Went to a concert in the summer. The headliner was Bachman Turner Overdrive (not proud of that), the warm ups were Brownsville Station (not proud of that either), and a band called Piper (which was really just Billy Squier).

    When Piper started playing, the first power chord blew all the fuses, and the place went dark. After a delay, they started up again, and blew the fuses again. This happened three times before someone figured out that there wasn't enough power coming into the building to run everything. Eventually they got it going, but the delays were long.

    Found out later that what they had done to fix it was route everything through the Air Conditioning circuits. This meant that they had to turn off half the ventilation to drive the Amps and Lights. So the whole concert went off late, in the dead of Summer, with no AC and virtually no ventilation. The temperature inside got to 100 degrees, with wall to wall people, and no circulation. It was like going to a concert in a bong. Needless to say, the concession guys cleaned up.

    Fantastic Chaos.

  • simone
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    8 years ago

    King Missile

    During the lull between the opening act Jawbox, who were awesome, and the main act taking the stage the lead singer of King Missile decided to come out and mingle with the crowd. He was wasted and staggered around among the people. It was a small venue so eventually he arrived at my friend and I. He drunkenly, clumsily hit on us with no success, seemed to zone out for about two minutes then suddenly walked away. When King Missile took the stage he stood at the microphone without singing while the band restarted the same song three times. During the third attempt he climbed up onto the balcony, made a quick acrobatic circle of the venue, crawled all over the mixing equipment then walked back stage never to return. Eventually the band stopped playing and joined him back stage. End of concert. Also, the bassist from Jawbox borrowed a tampon from my friend in the bathroom.

    BQ: Scout Niblett

  • xK
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    8 years ago

    Blind Guardian. I went with my sister who was a fan, and it was cheap, so I figured why not. It was in this tiny venue with a few high top tables but mostly standing room. We were watching hockey on TVs hanging on the ceiling before it started; we got there early enough to get a table. The band wasn't very far away from us, and it was SO LOUD. I couldn't hear anything for the two hours it took us to get home.

    BQ: Pitbull. He has tons of energy and really danceable music.

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  • Outis
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    8 years ago

    I went to see The Foo Fighters supported by The Black Keys... It was really good but got really wierd. There was some kids stamding nearby that started lifing this little guy up to crowd surf, against his will and he was trying to swim back to his friends. It was very funny. Then someone threw a sanwhich at a bald guy. Then the same group of lads started a mosh pit but security guys came and broke it up. Then a band called the Cribs came on and continually got taunted, my friends started shouting 'daddy issues' at the lead singer because he was wearing a see though top then they where like "any old school cribs fans?' And everyone shout off off off. Then this happened


    Dave Also addressed a guy who shouted 'adopt me' with the phrase "sorry, my sperm works ************!"

  • 8 years ago

    When I saw Family Force 5 last year they had some random guy wearing a head from a panda costume come onstage and dance with them. They also had a really large mosh pit. I literally danced myself sick, but it was so much fun I didn't care.

    BQ: Anberlin. Might get to see them next week. I also really want to see Love and Death because Brian Head Welch amazes me for some odd reason.

  • It was this local band and a very rough venue. I was about 14 - 15ish, took my girlfriend, and she got hit with a beer can on the head. Not much fun :(

    BQ - Billy Joel

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  • 8 years ago

    Santana was weird because he kept making all these speeches about how white people need to back off. It was in NM which is more Hispanic than white.

    BQ: alice cooper

  • 8 years ago

    Ned's Atomic Dustbin .. was in the 'mosh pit' or whatever it is called. got bruises on my shoulders from people stepping on them and my watch crystal broke.

    I hope Bad Company will come to my city/state

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