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Hi, I'm in grade 8 and I was wondering what my final mark would be for this year. Thanks. :)

Term 1 = 50%

Term 2 = 65%

Term 3 = 56%

Final is worth 15% of our final mark.

Help? I need to figure out the final mark for my final mark. Thanks so much! :D


I want at least a 50% for final. How much would that be?

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    7 years ago
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    These kind of questions always crack me up. If you could "do the math" your grades wouldn't be so low.

    I'm assuming from the info you give that T1 + T2 + T3 + F = 100% of grand total possible

    where T1 is the total possible in term 1 (and you only got 50% of that), T2 is the total possible for term 2, and so on. Since F is 15, that means T1, T2, T3 combined account for 85%, and lacking any further details we must assume T1=T2=T3= one-third of 85%, or 28 1/3 %. Since their equal, we don't need to distinguish them, so we'll just use T.

    Your Final Exam grade I'll call E, and your final grade I'll call G.

    So we write

    (50% + 65% + 56%)(28 1/3%) + E*15% = G

    48.45% + E*15% = G

    If E=100% (meaning you ace the final exam), your overall grade is 63.45%, which would be the maximum you could possibly now get.

    If you only get 57% on the final exam (what I'd expect based on what you've done the first three terms), your final grade would be 57% as well. If you get a zero on the exam, your final grade is 48.45%

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